Vocational Tutors


The Vocational Tutor is responsible as an unqualified teacher, in accordance with nationally agreed policy and conditions for an age-phase group within the Centre’s Vocational or WorkSkills departments. The role includes responsibility for the assessment of students’ needs, group and individual programme planning, curriculum delivery, progress monitoring, recording, evaluation and reporting as well as contributing generally to meeting the aims and ethos of the Centre as a whole. The role demands the application of specialised teaching approaches, systematic planning and record keeping and the management and deployment of Learning Support Assistants.   

Vocational Tutors with subject specialism have responsibility as subject coordinators for the development and monitoring of curriculum delivery across the Centre in the relevant subject.


Knowledge and Understanding
Demonstrate secure knowledge and understanding of the needs of students with ASD, relevant curriculum areas, specialised teaching approaches including PLANS, Connected Learning and TEACCH, statutory curriculum requirements, the Centre’s aims and priorities and the procedures for assessment, planning, recording, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.


Planning and Setting Expectations
Demonstrate consistent and effective planning of lessons, courses and individual programmes with clear objectives to meet the needs and raise the attainment of all students including contributing to Centre-wide curriculum developments.
Ensure plans build on previous achievement and set challenging targets.
Subject specialists contribute to the planning of work and the setting of expectations across the Centre in the relevant subject.


Teaching and Managing Student Learning and Care
Demonstrate consistent, creative and effective use of a range of appropriate strategies for teaching and behaviour management including visual learning styles, PLANS and TEACCH principles and Connected Learning. Ensure coverage of all curriculum requirements and that IEP targets are systematically addressed and met.
Vocational Tutors are required to undertake lunch time supervision and eat with the students.

Assessment and Evaluation
Demonstrate consistent and effective assessment, record keeping and progress monitoring in accordance with the Centre’s assessment systems. Analyse recorded data and sampled work to continually diagnose students’ needs and to set realistic, challenging targets for improvement.

Student Achievement
Demonstrate consistent awareness of the progress of individuals towards the targets set for them, ensure that evidence is gathered that effectively demonstrates appropriate work undertaken and good progress made. Ensure that records and assessments show the extent to which students achieve relative to prior attainment.

Relations with Parents and Wider Community
Establish a partnership with parents to involve them in their child’s learning and development. Provide consistent and accurate information about curriculum, attainment, progress and targets through reports and regular communication. Organise home visits and attend meetings as required and forge links with outside agencies and the wider community.

Managing Own Performance and Development
Improve teaching and learning outcomes by evaluating own practice in relation to student progress, targets and feedback from senior staff monitoring. Prioritise and manage own time and workload effectively to balance the demands of classroom teaching, planning burden and involvement in wider Centre development. Co-operate in agreed arrangements for performance monitoring and appraisal. Take responsibility for your own professional development and take full advantage of training opportunities, including full participation in in-House training, and training as an NVQ assessor or Verifier.

Managing and Developing Staff and Other Adults
Effectively deploy and manage the LSA and Job Coaches  working with you, establishing clear expectations and professional working relationships and giving clear guidance on strategies for raising achievement. Involve LSAs in planning, recording and running activities and give guidance and support as required. Subject coordinators take responsibility for monitoring the delivery of their subject and advising colleagues on appropriate strategies and practices.

Managing Resources
Ensure effective management of the learning environment including the creation and maintenance of learning resources, displays and teaching aids and the appropriate use of ICT. Manage any delegated funds and allocate available resources with maximum efficiency and advise the Leadership Team of likely priorities for future expenditure.

Strategic Leadership
Demonstrate an active contribution to the policies and aspirations of the Centre and to the development of effective strategies to raise attainment. Participate in discussions about curriculum development and ensure that the Leadership Team are well informed about plans, priorities and effective strategies in your class or subject. Provide a role model for students and other staff through consistent professional conduct


The taught year is 190 days over 6 terms plus 2 additional weeks training and 10 days outreach/CPD.

The teaching day is 9.30am – 4.00pm.
Vocational tutors should be in the Centre between 8.30am and 5.30pm each day so as to fully discharge their professional duties.
In addition, all Vocational Tutors are required to work a further 3-5 hours per week supervising students in residential or extended day activities

Vocational Tutors are expected to cover for absent colleagues and may be asked to work in other areas of the Centre at the discretion of the Leadership Team

Any additional duties as specified by the Head Teacher 


Short listing is based on the extent to which candidates meet the criteria laid out below.

It is therefore helpful to address each element systematically within your application; demonstrating clearly your current status in regard to the relevant qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills.



  • Training and qualification in a particular vocational area, Horticulture, Catering, Business Admin, Functional Skills or ASDAN courses.
  • PTLLS/DTLLS/QTLLS – can be undertaken whilst in post
  • NVQ A1 Award (NVQ Assessors award essential within 6 months of appointment)
  • NVQ V1 Award ( NVQ internal Verifier award essential within 18 months)
  • No criminal convictions or cautions that may be relevant to the safety and welfare of students.


  • Clean current driving licence



  • Relevant successful experience of teaching or working with children and young people in an educational setting
  • Successful experience of working with children and/or young people with special educational needs particularly ASD
  • Experience of curriculum planning
  • Experience of a range of teaching and learning styles


Candidates must demonstrate knowledge of…

  • ASD and associated conditions
  • All relevant aspects of the Special Educational Needs Code Of Practice
  • The Ofsted Framework for the Inspection of Special Schools.
  • The Every Child Matters Agenda
  • Child protection legislation and procedures
  • Safe procedures for manual handling
  • Recognised positive approaches to working with Children with ASD and challenging behaviours
  • Anti-discrimination and equal opportunities legislation and practice
  • Key aspects of Health and Safety legislation


Candidates must demonstrate the ability to…

  • Maintain consistently good practice in planning, teaching and curriculum development
  • Teach creatively and effectively with students with ASD, employing a range of appropriate specialist strategies
  • Lead, motivate and guide others, and ensure policies and procedures are fully understood and translated into practice.
  • Promote autonomy, independence and employability for all students
  • Work punctually and reliably
  • Work the hours required to manage a substantial workload and fulfil the role effectively
  • Communicate clearly to a range of other people
  • Assess the performance of others and respond appropriately
  • Produce accurate and professional written records, plans and reports to meet deadlines
  • Manage budgets effectively
  • Carry out lifting and other physical interventions as required
  • Contribute to the assessment and planning of individual learning programmes for students
  • Form and promote positive relationships with staff, students, parents, the local community and outside agencies
  • Coach, mentor and deliver training to staff
  • Organise workloads and manage own time effectively, including changing priorities
  • Contribute to the Centre Development Plan


To apply for this position please download the application form and, once complete return it to liz.abraham-molloy@ltcharity.org.uk.



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