Team Spirit To The Fore At Sports Day

With exams and assessments all completed, LVS Oxford students recently turned their attention to demonstrating their sporting abilities during the school’s annual sports day. Under the expert guidance of Katie Gatt, PE teacher, students had been training hard so they could do their teams’ proud. 

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With five teams competing for the coveted trophy, there was much excitement as the students took to the field to participate in a range of activities including Shot Put, Frisbee, Wellie Wanging, Javelin, Vortex, the Long Jump, Football Slalom, Relay, Dodgeball and the hugely popular Tug of War. The keen runners also competed in individual races over 30, 50, 200 and 400 metres.

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The day had a fantastic atmosphere with many of the families of the 50 students who attend the school coming along to cheer them on. Participation in sporting activities can be a real challenge for young people with autism, some of whom struggle when attention is focused on them and their anxiety becomes overwhelming.

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Katie Gatt said: “Sometimes our students excel in sports lessons but aren’t able to access events like sports day or tournaments.  I was extremely impressed with each and every one of the students who participated this year. Everyone tried their very best, giving it their all and having fun at the same time. We have some very talented athletes and overall our students have definitely gained more confidence, and developed important skills like teamwork and communication.”

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2017 Sports Day results

In the team events, the overall trophy winners this year were the Black/Pink team.  The team members were Skylar, Rebecca, Teyte, Bradley, Tom, Dan and Freya.

Medals were awarded for 1st place in each event. 

These went to:

Ben for the Shot Put and Wellie Wanging

Quinton for the Frisbee

Mikey for the Javelin

Ethan for the Long Jump

Teyte for the Football Slalom and Vortex

The Tug of War and Relay events were won by the White team and the Dodgeball Tournament was won by the Black/Pink team

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In the running heats, Morgan, Louis and Ethan all won their 30 metre races.  50 metre race winners were Dominic, Louis and Ethan.  The 200 metre races were won by Dominic and Ethan and Ethan also took first place in the 400 metres. 

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With social and emotional wellbeing of paramount importance at LVS Oxford, whilst the day was a lot of fun there was a real purpose to it as explained by Head of School Louisa Allison-Bergin: "Playing sport at any level can be a key part of the school experience and can have an immense and lasting impact on a student's life. Among its many benefits for young people with autism, participation in health and fitness activities promotes socialisation, the development of leadership skills, focus and of course physical fitness".

Students with Asperger's, autism and related learning difficulties benefit from our holistic approach to helping them deal with the anxieties of everyday life.
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