Learning Support Assistant


The postholder will work directly with children and young people with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum (ASD) within an age-phase department (secondary or senior). LSAs have a varied role within the classroom and school including assisting the teacher/Curriculum Leader, working with individuals or groups of children, organising and running some activities and producing displays and resources.
Senior LSA’s take on additional responsibilities within the team, including greater involvement in assessment, planning, recording, monitoring and reporting for students, providing support and advice to team members on practices and procedures and participating in induction training for new staff.


Knowledge and Understanding
Knowledge and understanding of the needs of students with ASD, and of the National Curriculum, Connected learning and Real World Learning curriculum as they operate in the school.

Planning and Setting Expectations
Contribute to the day-to-day delivery of the Curriculum. Undertake effective preparation and planning in accordance with the Centre’s assessment systems.

Teaching and Managing Pupil Learning and Care
Work under the direction of the Curriculum Leader/Vocational/Education Tutor to support individual students or groups of students to achieve the targets set for them. Contribute to the planning, organisation and delivery of a range of educational and work-related experiences for the students. Share responsibility with the CL/VT/ET for the physical care of students.

Assessment and Evaluation
Contribute to the continuous assessment of needs and the monitoring of progress and achievement in accordance with the Centre’s assessment systems.

Pupil Achievement
Maintain accurate records to ensure that Records of Achievement and all pupil records effectively demonstrate achievement and progress.

Relations with Parents and Wider Communities
Act as ‘Link Worker’ for a number of named students, maintain regular, effective communication with parents and carers.

Managing own Performance and Development
Evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of your practice and take responsibility for your own professional development. Undertake in-house and external training on any areas of work deemed appropriate by the school and Centre management.

Managing and Developing Staff and Other Adults
Promote good practice in all areas of classroom organisation and curriculum delivery, guide and support new or inexperienced staff members and volunteers.

Managing Resources
Take substantial responsibility for the maintenance of the classroom environment, including significant emphasis on display and on the presentation of students’ work and file records. Manage effectively any resources that may be delegated to you, promote the efficient use of resources and contribute to the maintenance of a safe working environment for staff and students.

Stragegic Leadership
Provide a role model for students and newer or less experienced staff and contribute to the continual development of the service by offering suggestions for improvements.


  • Participate in the induction and training of new staff, acting as guide and mentor for PLANS principles, demonstrating routines and procedures and providing a model of professional practice
  • Maintain a secure understanding of school, departmental and class group policies, practices and procedures in order to support other team members in their work
  • Support the Curriculum Leaders, Vocational Tutors and Education Tutors, in the formulation and dissemination of department policies, practices and procedures.
  • Provide ongoing support and advice to all team members on all aspects of the LSA role
  • Take a leading role in supporting other staff in organising classroom duties, providing practical support and helping delegate tasks for areas such as display, storage, filing, the production and maintenance of learning resources, etc
  • Support CL/VT/ET and other team members in the maintenance of detailed records of students’ needs and progress in all areas of the curriculum. Provide a role model and practical support to other team members on assessment procedures.
  • Complete needs assessments, risk assessments and behavioural assessments, etc. according to school and departmental policy. Provide a role model and practical support to other team members on policies, practices and procedures in these areas.
  • Maintain regular formal and informal contact with parents/carers through structured weekly telephone calls, Home/School journals and other means and support and advise other team members on these issues
  • Support CL/VT/ETs in writing accurate reports on students’ progress within the curriculum for a range of purposes including statutory Annual Review


Short listing is based on the extent to which candidates meet the criteria laid out below.

It is therefore helpful to address each element systematically within your application; demonstrating clearly your current status in regard to the relevant qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills.


  • The post holder must have GCSE grade A-C (or equivalent) in English and Maths
  • A clean current driving licence is desirable


Please let us know in your application about any previous experience you consider relevant to the post, especially:

  • Experience of working with children and young people, especially those with special educational needs
  • Experience of residential establishments


Some knowledge of the issues relevant to working within special education is essential, and may require background reading prior to application.

Candidates must demonstrate some knowledge of

  • Special Educational Needs (SEN), especially ASD  
  • Issues of child protection
  • Issues of anti-discrimination, disability rights and equal opportunities practices
  • Key aspects of Health and Safety at work


Candidates must demonstrate the ability to

  • Fulfil the requirements of the Job Description.
  • Work creatively and flexibly with students with special educational needs to promote autonomy, independence, personal development and employability for all students
  • Follow instructions and work within policy guidelines in all areas of work
  • Work punctually and reliably
  • Work the hours required to fulfil the role effectively
  • Communicate clearly to a range of other people
  • Produce accurate and legible written material to meet deadlines
  • Use, maintain and produce teaching resources as required
  • Carry out lifting and other physical interventions as required according to in-service training
  • Contribute to the assessment, planning and monitoring of individual learning programmes for students
  • Form and promote positive relationships with staff, students, parents, the local community and outside agencies
  • Organise workload and manage own time effectively


To apply for this position please download the application form and, once complete return it to tracy.spencer@ltcharity.org.uk together with a full CV. Previous applicants need not apply.



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Parents and carers speak positively about the ways in which staff promote positive behaviour. One said "staff are very caring, they talk to students positively and handle things fairly"
Ofsted Residential Report Jan 2016