Ofsted Report

Ofsted Residential Inspection Report - February 2017

Following the recent inspection of LVS Oxford by Ofsted we are very pleased with the findings documented in the report below.  The report finds that we have been graded good (outstanding in the quality of care and support).

Grade 2 = Good, a school providing effective services which exceed minimum requirements.

Grade 1 = Outstanding, a school where the experiences and progress of children and young people consistently exceed the standard of good and result in sustained progress and achievement. 

Key findings include:

  • Young people make very good progress as a result of accessing the residential provision. They learn how to be away from their families and how to form relationships with others.
  • Staff have an excellent understanding of each young person's needs. Young people are prepared for their life after school through a targeted programme of life and social skills via an online system of goals and targets.
  • All young people are treated with dignity and respect. Individualised plans identify their preferences, likes and dislikes, and people who are important to them.
  • Parents and young people are positive about the provision. Comments include: 'Staff do a fantastic job in often difficult circumstances'; and, 'He is learning new skills which benefit him, like cooking'.
  • Young people have the opportunity to take part in a range of socially and emotionally stimulating activities. Activities include swimming, photography, arts and crafts, and games. Specific skills and talents are celebrated and young people have opportunity to try new experiences they may not have the opportunity to try at home.
  • The team has excellent oversight of the progress young people in the residential setting are making.

LVS Oxford Residential Ofsted Report February 2017.pdf


Ofsted Material Change Report - March 2017

Following the recent inspection of LVS Oxford by Ofsted we are very pleased with the findings documented in the report below.  The report finds that "the school is likely to meet the relevant independent school standards if the material change relating to the school provision is implemented".

Key findings include:

  • The premises and accommodation at the school are excellent. Leaders ensure that the buildings are very well maintained. Leaders have put the safety and needs of the pupils at the forefront of their minds in the design and development of the new rooms. Consequently the classrooms are of a very high standard.
  • Not only will the new spaces make it possible for the school to expand, but they will also allow a significant expansion to the curriculum opportunities available for current pupils.
  • Pupils are appropriately supervised in lessons, during breaks and when moving around the school site. Leaders have secure plans to ensure that ratios will continue to be one adult to every four pupils, should the expansion be granted. This ratio is appropriate and generous given that the school serves pupils who are high functioning, including those with Asperger's syndrome.
  • The school is set in extensive grounds. There are plentiful areas for the teaching of outdoor physical education. Leaders ensure that pupils access a range of physical education experiences. Pupils benefit from a wide range of outdoor spaces in which they can play. There are useful resources that pupils can access in their own time, including outdoor trampolines.
  • There are clear lines of accountability within the safeguarding policy, which staff fully understand and follow diligently. Leaders undertake a range of effective activities to monitor the implementation of safeguarding. They build on their findings to refine and improve their effectiveness.

LVS Oxford Material Change Report March 2017.pdf


Ofsted Residential Inspection Report - Jan 2016

Following the recent inspection of LVS Oxford by Ofsted we are very pleased with the findings documented in the report below.  The report finds that we have been graded good in all areas, and good for overall experiences and progress of children and young people.

Grade 2 = Good, which is a school which provides a high quality of care that exceeds minimum requirements.

Key findings include:

  •  The new leaders have quickly formed a cohesive team providing staff with good direction and a shared vision.  Effective team work across the school, and with external agencies, suports and promotes the health and well-being of young people.
  • The competent and well-trained staff team support young people to have a positive and enjoyable time in boarding.  They are establishing warm relationships with them.  Staff are enabling young people to better manage their own behaviour.  This is beginning to make a difference to their lives and that of their families and carers.
  • Staff effectively promote the safety of children and young people.  They have a sound understanding of the range of safeguarding issues and their role in reporting any concerns.  Staff work hard to ensure that the children and young people they care for develop an age-appropriate understanding of how to keep themselves safe, particulrly when on-line.
  • Staff communication with parents and carers is a strength of the residential provision, some describing it as 'brilliant'.

LVS Oxford Residential Ofsted Report Jan 2016.pdf


Ofsted Inspection Report - May 2015

Amongst the main findings of the report it was noted:

  • Teaching is good.  The mix of academic expectations and good knowledge of students so that they can overcome their barriers to learning is very effective.

  • The quality of leadership and management is good.  The headteacher, senior leaders and trustees ensure the school complies with all the independent school standards and that there is an upbeat learning climate, where students thrive academically and in their personal development.

  • The accommodation is of a very high standard and provides a warm and welcoming learning environment for students.

  • Students develop positive attitudes to learning and each other.  Their behaviour improves rapidly while at the school.  The safe environment boosts students' confidence.

  • Parents and carers have positive views of the school and would recommend it to other parents and carers

LVS Oxford Ofsted Report May 2015.pdf

The residential provision on offer will be modelled on our school LVS Hassocks, which was considered by Ofsted as an outstanding facility.
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